Mexican Rhythms in The Hague, Nancy van Overveldt & Myra Landau

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10 jun 2017 t/m 5 jul 2017
  • Klinkenberggalerie I
  • Klinkenberggalerie II

Opening zaterdag 10 juni om 16.00 uur

The Embassy of Mexico in The Hague has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition 'Mexican rhythms in The Hague'.

Through their artwork, artists Nancy van Overveldt (1930 – 2015) and Myra Landau (1926) coincide for the first time in The Netherlands, at Pulchri Studio, The Hague, thousands of miles away from Mexico City, where both lived and worked for many years, and where they received the influence of Mexico’s artistic life.

Both artists form a bridge between Mexico and the Netherlands. Nancy van Overveldt, originally Dutch, and born in The Hague, moved to Mexico in 1951 where she developed her own style influenced by the great muralists and Mexican artists of that time. Mexico’s brilliant light and huge dimensions, where people live amidst the interplay of cosmic forces, can be found in Van Overveldt’s paintings. She shows naive realism in her compositions of impressionistic figures, captured in Mexican celebration scenes.

Myra Landau, originally Romanian-Brazilian, currently living in Alkmaar, was married with Miguel Salas Anzures, head of the department of fine arts of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA) in Mexico City. There she first dedicated herself to etching and abstract painting. In 1965 she found new inspiration in lines drawn in the sand of a Mexican beach. It was the start of a long series of paintings, all of them called Ritmo. Landau is an early representative of Mexican abstract art, as well as the first artist to paint on raw linen. 

Klinkenberggalerie I&II, 10 juni t/m 5 juli 2017

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