Wajeeh Qadamani

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16 dec 2017 t/m 21 jan 2018
  • Voorhoutgalerie

Opening zaterdag 16 december om 16.00 uur.

Van 16 december 2017 t/m 21 januari 2018 wordt in de Voorhoutgalerie een expositie met werk van Wajeeh Qadamani en zijn vrouw Samar Abou Faiad gehouden. Het bijzondere is, dat dit kunstenaarsechtpaar in Syrië woont.  Wij hopen dat het hen lukt een visum te krijgen zodat zij bij de opening aanwezig kunnen zijn.  De zoon van Wajeeh kon gelukkig aan het geweld ontsnappen en studeert nu aan het Haags Conservatorium.

Qadamani en Faiad omschrijven hun werk als volgt: 

Samar Abou Faiad: In the noise and the hustle of this world , The arts became in need of removing to illuminate the essence not adding. From this angle , my paintings belong to simplification , no details , saturated and full of humidity and light. The topic is not important whether it’s an image of an old houses stuck in the memory, or a tree bared of it’s leaves. As long as my brush tackles the seed of life inside of it. The paintings are renewed attempts to flick the dust and dissipate the darkness for happiness and life .

Wajeeh Qadamani: The character (letter,font) is an image, and only the image carrying all optical loads that reflect the memory and the spirit of human thought and culture of the Syrian civilization, starting with the first icons down to today's characters form, still retain a spiritual dimension and cultural one, involves the condition of civilization, contains intuition and unconscious thought , philosophy of emotions. It develops permanently expressing inner feelings , and from this point I worked on characters abstraction far from any linguistic indication , by diving in the spiritual and philosophical meaning out of the classical style. I found new forms of them and they barely match the original form but still have the same gesture. Whether the artwork is a colorful painting or a sculpture , the character is manifested as an abstract version in mass movement seeking to look beautiful from all angles.

Voorhoutgalerie, 16 december 2017 t/m 21 januari 2018

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